SERVICE Bastei Bridge and Tisa Rock Labyrinth - Narnia movie set (9-10 hours)
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Set off for a day trip taking you to fairytale landscape full of sandstone rock cities and stunning views. Our journey will take you to a beautiful National Park on the boarder of Czech Republic and Germany: Bohemian and Sachsen Switzerland. You will visit two countries in one day. This park is famous for amazing views, mystical landscape, never ending pine forests and most of all sandstone rock cities, rock labyrinths, caves and bridges.

Detail information
We will start by taking a hike in the Tisa Rock Labyrinth, famous for the Narnia movie being filmed there, but yet undiscovered by foreign tourist. On this mild 3-mile hike we will see numerous rock formations, sandstone pillars and towers, caves and beautiful forest. At the end of the hike we will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the surrounding area. 
After this mild exercise we would have a break in the nearby restaurant and indulge on the traditional Czech cuisine, and recharge for the second part of the trip. Now we are off to Bastei bridge: the highlight of the German part of the park. After a 10 minute leisure walk we will enjoy views of the Elbe canyon, hiking trails will take us to remains of medieval keep, that will reward us with amazing views of the Bastei bridge.

Bohemian Switzerland: Tisa Rock Formations - Chronicles of Narnia movie set
Sachsen Switzerland: Bastei Bridge (Germany)

Length: 9-10 hours
Hike: 4 miles
Difficulty level: Moderate 
There is very little elevation gain, and trails are of good condition. There are some steps to climb.

Included in the tour rate:
Services of private Prague tour guide
Private transportation in a comfortable vehicle with a professional driver and A/C
Hotel pick-up and drop-off

Please make provision for:
Entrance fees and refhreshment (approx. 300 CZK per person)

Additional Information:
This trip involves a lot of walking,  it is suggested that participants wear hiking shoes, as well as layers of clothing. Snacks and water will be available along the way.
Bring your passport along - we will be crossing German boarder.


This full-day trip is available all year round.



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