Splendid castles and chateaux, mysterious rock cities, unspoiled countryside and rural farms, medieval towns and villages, Jewish heritage sites, traditional cuisine and local craftsmanship – no matter where your interests lie, there is a day trip from Prague that will suit your particular requirements. Tours can be tailored for individuals, couples, groups and families with children. Step beyond Prague´s boundaries and explore the beauty of the surrounding countryside, including a Geopark and 12 sites that have been listed on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. All guided daytrips from Prague are arranged as completely private trips. Participants are picked up and dropped off at their hotel at the agreed upon time and transported in a private vehicle with the services of a professional driver and guide. Groups of 7 participants and more available upon request. Please note that prices are valid only for online bookings.

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Daytrips from Prague
Bohemian Paradise & Kost Castle Daytrip (8-10 hours)

This is AlenaGuide’s all-time favourite full-day private trip from Prague to the beautiful Bohemian Paradise. Come and lose yourself in the labyrinth of mysterious rock cities surrounded by pine trees and enjoy splendid views of the majestic castles that surround this magical place. Bohemian Paradise is proudly listed on the list of UNESCO Geoparks and home to a large number of castles and other historical sites. At the end of the trip you will be able to lunch at a unique medieval tavern!

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Daytrips from Prague
Cesky Krumlov Daytrip (9-11 hours)

This guided daytrip from Prague takes us to a plethora of UNESCO Heritage Sites, including the fairy tale town of Cesky Krumlov, said to be the second most beautiful city in the country after Prague. Besides visiting this stunning medieval town with the second largest castle complex in Europe, we will also stop along the way to admire the Neo-Gothic Hluboka Castle or traditional Bohemian historical village of Holasovice.

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Daytrips from Prague
Terezin Concentration Camp

This day trip will take you to emotionally strong sights connected with suffering of Czech people during WWII: Terezin. Visit these mementos of WWI and learn about Czech 20th century history through stories of people who had suffered here in inhuman conditions, and pay a tribute to the innocent victims of Nazi terror.

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Daytrips from Prague
Kutna Hora and Cesky Sternberk Castle (6-7 hours)

Kutna Hora is a charming, medieval silver mining town located just an hour’s ride from Prague, making it a wonderful day trip! After arriving in the town center, you can enjoy a nice stroll through this picturesque, old town, which was historically one of the most important towns in the Kingdom of Bohemia. Kutna Hora gained this reputation in the Middle Ages, when it became the main source of wealth for the Bohemian Crown Lands, making it the second most important city in the kingdom after Prague. Due to its exceptionally well-preserved medieval architecture, Kutna Hora has been designated as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, meaning that there’s more than enough off-the-beaten-path beauty and history for us to explore!

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Daytrips from Prague
The Best of South Bohemia

Never pass up the opportunity to visit the beautiful capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague. Just ask anyone who's visited and they'll tell you it's a must-see destination. But what's even more impressive is the natural beauty just outside of the city.  It's called South Bohemia! And it's the place where I spent all of my summers when I was growing up.On our day-trip, we can tour a castle or two, enjoy a a slow boat ride across a lake, hike through the enchanted forest and maybe pick a few mushroom delicacies. We'll explore a local village, stroll through its winding streets and take in historical landmarks. It'll be one of the most memorable trips you'll ever experience.

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Daytrips from Prague
Bastei Bridge and Tisa Rock Labyrinth - Narnia movie set (9-10 hours)

Set off for a day trip taking you to fairytale landscape full of sandstone rock cities and stunning views. Our journey will take you to a beautiful National Park on the boarder of Czech Republic and Germany: Bohemian and Sachsen Switzerland. You will visit two countries in one day. This park is famous for amazing views, mystical landscape, never ending pine forests and most of all sandstone rock cities, rock labyrinths, caves and bridges.

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Daytrips from Prague
Medieval town of Tabor and a hike in beautiful nature - BY TRAIN (8-9 hours)

Lots of history and beautiful nature in one day….all that with the use of train.Come and discover rich history of medieval town of Tabor, loose yourself in labyrinth of medieval streets, and enjoy a hike in peaceful nature.

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Daytrips from Prague
Dresden and Bastei Bridge - Germany

While you're enjoying time in Prague, it's definitely worth considering a quick day-trip to the beautiful city, Dresden, the capital of the eastern German state of Saxony. Even though it's in another country, Dresden is less than a 2-hour car ride from Prague and promises to be an unforgettable trip.Dresden is a must-see for all visiting central Europe. The city's skyline is simply stunning. And a stroll through Dresden's historical centre featuring beautiful buildings will leave you in awe. This city is home to world-renown museums, art galleries and historical venues including the Versaille-inspired Zwinger palace, the baroque church Frauenkirche, and the Semper Opera house or Hofkirche.And there's plenty of time to see one of Europe's most famous landmarks, the Bastei Bridge. Located in National park Sachsen Switzerland, the bridge towers over 200 meters above the Elbe river canyon and is built among sandstone rock formations. Walk the bridge and experience the most stunning views! Easy walk suitable for everyone.

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Daytrips from Prague
Mikulov - Wine Tasting Daytrip (10-12 hours)

This day trip is for all of the wine lovers—come spend a day in Mikulov, the pearl of Southern Moravia and experience life in a beautiful town nestled in the heart of the Palava nature reserve. Surrounded by beautiful vineyards dotted among the landscape of white rocks, Mikulov reminds one of magical fairytale town. This vision is complete with a castle rising high above the town from the top of  a rocky hill, greeting you from a distance. Mikulov truly has something for everyone, offering a large number of historical sights, including those of the Jewish heritage, as well as being chock full of natural beauty for the nature lovers out there, and perhaps most importantly, it never fails to please even the most discerning wine and food lovers. Come on a stroll through this amazing town where you can taste some amazing local wine while taking in the fascinating local history of the region.

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Daytrips from Prague
Karlstejn Castle & Koneprusy Caves Daytrip (6-7 hours)

This half-day private trip from Prague visits Karlstejn, the most famous Czech gothic castle built by Charles IV, the greatest emperor in the history of the country. The structure holds an exceptional position among the Czech castles, as it was built to secure the crown jewels of the Holy Roman Empire. After lunch in the castle village, you will then have the opportunity to discover the Koneprusy Caves, the largest cave area in the country.