Dear Alena,
Thank you for your wonderful tours of Prague.
It was a pleasure to meet you.

William Friedkin
June 2017


My wife and I don't usually take private tours but Alena was highly recommended. She was absolutely incredible and we feel so privileged to have her for a 6 hour tour today.

Don't waste time trying to figure out Prague for yourself as there's too many interesting facts that you'll never learn/understand unless you have a professional like Alena explain them to you! There wasn't a question she couldn't answer and most importantly we had so much FUN!! She also gave us great recommendations for the remainder of our trip.

Thank you for putting 100% energy and passion into our trip Alena... We loved Prague before and you really did multiply that for us :)

Cleo and Greg
June 2017, Tripadvisor

I've traveled around the world and at each location I've done tours with different companies. All of this being said, Alena has been the best tour guide of them all. Her knowledge of Prague is amazing. She'll customize the tour to your needs, goes at your pace and never rushes you, and will give you suggestions on what to do after your tour is over. Thank you again Alena, you made Prague for us.

Chris, USA
August 2016


After hearing a rave review from a friend, I booked a 4 hours city tour with Alena. We toured the Jewish quarter and then looked to Alena for guidance on where to go next. She recommended the National Monument in Vitkov. It was completely different from other sites in the city and I absolutely loved it. Alena is so knowledgeable, friendly and overall an incredible tour guide. There is no substitution for touring a new city with someone know has so much passion for where they are from. The tour was reasonably priced and highly enjoyable.

Bailey, Canada 
May 2016


When I booked a private guide for the city sightseeing day trip with Alena from Prague Four Seasons Hotel on the 27th of June, I only expected to have an elementary introduction to the history of Prague. However, Alena had impressed me instantly from the moment that she greeted me with her impeccable English and immaculate presentation and manners. She exceeded my expectations with her vast knowledge in history, arts, literatures, cultures, politics and people of Prague particularly as well as Czech Republic and Europe. These topics were conducted in a very friendly and informal way as if between the two friends. In the end, we've actually become friends and remained in touch with each other. Meeting Alena was a highlight of my trip in Prague. I would like to thank Alena for a wonderful experience that I had with her. She's just not an average tour guide but world class.

Tu Ahn, Australia
June 2016



Thank you for making out trip to Prague wonderful. We wery much enjoyed our time in your country and with you.

Robert, Becky, Lauren adn Haley, USA
June 2017


Alena is incredible. Really go with the flow, fun tour. We ate, drank, and learned so much about Prague and Czech history. We spent two days with her- one day in Prague and then went to Kutna Hora and a few other villages. We walked for around 6 hours and had a great lunch in Prague and then the next day was a bit shorter. You can customize what you want to see/spend as much time as you want in certain areas. Kutna Hora was really amazing, never would have known about it if it wasn't for Alena. The cathedral there is really something to see. She knows a great place for lunch there as well- SO good and crazy inexpensive. We had a full lunch for 5 people and great wine/beer- highly suggest this tour if you have an extra day! We heard she has a food tour too- next time will have to try for sure! 

Allie, USA 
January 2016



I recently engaged Alena for two days, the first day being a tour of Prague concentrating on Prague’s architecture and history and the second day being a Czech culinary experience
Alena’s knowledge of the history and architecture of Prague is extremely comprehensive (not surprising as she studies Art and Architecture History at university in Prague) and she was able to answer any question I put to her no matter how obscure. The culinary trip was unbelievable as she took me to places that not even my Czech friends knew about and I feasted on Czech food and wine/beer that was simply amazing! She is an excellent guide who was more than happy to accommodate my particular requirements. I cannot speak highly enough of Alena as she made my trip to Prague fun and perfect and I will be definitely visiting again.

Rob, Australia
July 2016

We really enjoyed Alena! We are quite late in writing this review (we were with her this time last year), but we wanted to share our experience. Alena is both knowledgable and very pleasant to be with. Her command of the history of Prague is incredible and her story telling is a lot of fun. We came away very informed and entertained. We could not imagine traveling to Prague now without having a day with her. In addition to her vast knowledge of the city and its history, she is also a wonderful source of great restaurant recommondations and even helped us secure a reservation at a amazing restaurant called Field. We would highly recommend Alena..... We believe that she would exceed your expectations.

Karen, USA 
May 2016


I always wanted to know about the beautiful city, Prague.
Alena showed me around not only beautiful & historical spots but also
telling me very interesting history of the city with the warmest smile : )
My 3 hours tour was worth every minutes, highly recommend to anyone who
enjoy the city more than average people.

Thank you Alena, thank you Prague!!!!

June 2016


Alena was recommended to us by friends and she did not disappoint us. Not only does she know Prague but her English is excellent and it was very easy to communicate with her before our trip to make our tour plans. She customized a wonderful tour for us and we all thoroughly enjoyed the day. I don’t know how she did it, but she also managed to make our tour coincide at one point with Madeleine Albright’s personal tour she was giving her family that day and then Alena gave us some history on Madeleine Albright’s family history since Madeleine was born in Prague. Alena was also the perfect person to give us recommendations for restaurants. She knows good food and did not steer us wrong. If you are traveling to Prague you will not go wrong if you take a tour with Alena! 

Meg, USA 
July 2015


After traveling extensively through Western Europe, my family and I planned our first trip to Prague this August. Not only did we fall in love with the city and people, but we had the good fortune of meeting Alena. The concierge at our hotel, the Boscolo (amazing experience as well) recommended Alena when we requested taking food tour. Not only did we see and taste so much, but her charming demeanor made our time together so enjoyable. She is beyond knowledgeable about her city and took us to places we would have never known about. While we had other guides in both Prague and Vienna, Alena was our favorite. Most of the other tour guides spewed information at us and was very rushed to get in everything on their itinerary. Alena spoke with us, shared personal information as well as historical information and made the experience more like sharing the afternoon with a friend. I would highly recommend Alena for any kind of tour, but especially the food tour!!!

Luciene, USA
September 2015



If you want to see Prague, I find it hard to believe there is a better tour guide in the city than Alena. My hotel arranged my walking tour of Prague with Alena and I'm glad they chose her. She has a tremendous grasp of history and, perhaps more importantly, an alluring and simple way of explaining it. That's not an easy task given all the historical complexities. In short, it was a first class experience all around. Highly recommended.

Jamie, USA 
August 2015